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Intelligent welding to meet the future - TIME welding equipment &Beijing Essen Exhibition


   The 24th Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition opened on June 25th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Nearly 1,000 industry companies from 24 countries and regions participated in this international exhibition.Beijing Time Technologies Co., Ltd. has brought a wonderful professional display to the audience. The audience in the Times booth asked in detail about the performance and scope of the equipment and watched the actual welding performance. At the same time, they also communicated with the technical team and business team of the times.

The exhibits brought by TIME GROUP INC include:

1:TD series all-digital welding machine and centralized control system

This series of welders is a smart welding power source controlled by a fully digital microprocessor. It is based on DSP (hardware main circuit control) and ARM (panel communication) digital platform, adopts modular design concept, fully embodies the characteristics of digital, intelligent, automation, network and green, providing users with new use experience.

2:Times double pulse MIG/MAG welding machine

This product can be used for MAG/MIG pulse welding; manual arc welding; DC TIG welding. The welder can customize the expert database according to user needs. Special materials such as structural steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel-based alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc. can be welded. Can be equipped with a variety of automatic welding machine, it is equipped with arc welding robot data connection port to achieve automatic welding.

3:Small size pipe submerged arc automatic welding equipment

This product is used for automatic welding of small cylinder longitudinal seams and circular seams with diameters above 350mm in boilers, pressure vessels, petrochemical equipment and other industries.               

4:Multifunctional circular seam welding machine ,This product is used for welding pipe-to-pipe,  pipe with flange, pipe with elbow, and saddle-shaped weld formed by branch pipe and main pipe.

Time online surfacing equipment

The product is composed of welding frame, special flux cored wire feeding mechanism, operating system, water circulation system, multi-function arc welding power supply and peripheral equipment. Mainly used in cement, electric power, steel, mining, petrochemical and other industries, suitable for hard surface repair of large-scale cement vertical mill, coal mill, continuous casting roll, and other wear-resistant equipment. The control operating system of the product consists of a touch screen, a control box, and a wireless remote control. This product can be used for online and offline surfacing repair. It has the characteristics of easy operation, quick installation and easy installation. Optional products include grounding devices and roller drive equipment.

5:Time Robot welding system for dump truck compartment