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The Chinese welding master once again won the gold medal in the world welding competition!


From August 22 to 27, 2019, the forty-fifth World Skills Competition was held in Kazan, Russia. The young welding player of the Chinese team, Zhao Yubo, won the gold medal in the world of the welding masters, and won the championship for the country! congratulations! His success has allowed the Chinese welding team to win the championship of the welding competition of the World Skills Competition three times in a row.. Such outstanding achievements are the pride of the country and the pride of the Chinese welding industry. All the people cheered for it!

Closing ceremony

The winner of the 45th World Welding Competition, Zhao Fubo

All the welding experts, coaches, and leaders of the Chinese training bases who participated in the competition worked hard for the competition and selfless dedication. The joint efforts of all of us laid the final successful defending.

Winners and chinese welding experts

The welding competition of the 45th World Skills Competition has gone through more than a year from the organization of the selection competition to the finals in Guangzhou. The hard work has made their dreams come true, and the peoples of the TIME GROUP have witnessed their efforts.

Participants in the China Selection Competition of the 45th World Skills Competition

The venue of the China Selection Competition for the 45th World Skills Competition